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Communication sucks(2014)

This is an album with tunes mostly considering themes about the changed paradigma the world has received via the social networks. So what do they to us? And what are we doing? Some reflections here.
Of course communication has always been important for us humans to help to survive - but these days it is over-steamed...

Though it's not the most important thing to get all the lyrics, as the music is the most important part of course.

The music is "heavy listening" - so there are a lot of moody changes. Some harsh tracks are in, but also some more melancholic.

Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg (2007)

19 Tracks. First Thomekk-Album.
Some comments on the tracks by Mellotronaut here

19 meist sehr kurze Stücke mit deutschen oder englischen Texten und selten mal instrumental. Zwischen Pop, Rock, Elektro, Country, Disco mit eigenem Siegel.
What people said about thomekk’s music:

„Continuing, I’d like to comment on the wonderful Kleine Hoehle Auf Dem Berg by the German artist Thomas Kallweit. Thomas released his album through the internet and I recommend it without hesitation. Unbelievably beautiful and bravely avant-garde at the same time, I’m sure you’re going to find something to love whether you’re a fan of The Beach Boys or Joy Division or even Ennio Morricone. There’s only one problem with this album and it’s this: I can’t understand the lyrics. But that’s my problem, not the album’s.“
Antonis Tsagaris – „StudentStyle“ Magazine (Greece)

„thomekk’s music is always full of subtle drama and intriguing swerves“ (knockman)
„thomekk definitely has a style, but it’s hard to define“ (dan gries)
„thomekk has a very recognisable style. I would describe it as „Spacecowboy blues“ (Midisurf)
„Man, you have a very original style and sensibility in your music. „Grausamer Sommer“ is just a really interesting mix of a lot of stylistic elements, loungy-country-avant-cabaret-space-rock(pop)“ (zigbert)